3-D Resin Art with David Varney


Resin Art provides for a creative, expressive and dynamic artistic experience, which can provide you with endless possibilities in terms of producing wonderfully colourful, reflective and tactile works of art. An opportunity to work with David and this exciting medium and produce three resin art works in two full days.


Our 2-day workshop will begin with an introduction to resin, learning about the various pigments and additives that can be mixed with resin, showing preparations and techniques for creating your own pieces of resin artwork. Day 2 will show the versatility of resin and how it can be incorporated into other traditional art techniques, allowing you to explore your creativity and put more advanced techniques into practice to create your own piece of 3D resin art, all of which will be made available for you to take home*.

Resin is a sticky material to use prior to curing, so make sure you wear clothes that you don’t mind getting messy and/or an apron, but other than that, all materials and equipment will be provided, so just bring your enthusiasm and creativity!

*resin requires a minimum of 24 hours to cure, so artworks can be collected the day after the workshop to take home.

We will be working with an art grade resin that is ASTM certified as non-toxic, non-hazardous, virtually odourless, which is also UV stable. You will be provided with a variety of paint, pigments and metallics that can be mixed into the resin prior to application and have access to dispersion materials that create wonderful shapes and effects within the resin.

You will be provided with a 20cm canvas to use for your first piece of artwork in order to get used to using the resin and how it works and reacts, followed later in the day by a 40cm round board (mdf or ply). On day 2, you will be provided with a piece of board, along with some mdf shapes for you to create embellishments, which will be incorporated into your work, to create your piece of 3D resin art.

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21st and 22nd June 2021, 22nd and 23rd Oct 2021, 30th and 31st July 2021


10am – 4pm


Resin, paint, pigments, metallics along with mixing tools will all be provided as well as the necessary surfaces on which to create your artwork. If you have any acrylics, house paints or even mica powders and even eyeshadow! Please bring.  You may want to match the colours of the wall you want to put it on!

Heat Gun if you have one.

Safety materials such as gloves will also be provided and you will have access to a heat gun, which is used with resin work.

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