3D Floral Embellished Textile Art – with Jessica Grady


During this workshop, embroidery artist Jessica Grady will teach you a selection of her contemporary and colourful mixed media embroidery and embellishment techniques to create your own unique floral inspired design, which you will lace onto foam board ready to frame up to create your own unique piece of artwork.


The day will begin with deciding on your design and composition, taking inspiration from Jessica’s swatches and samples. You will then look at creating a selection of your own sequins and embellishments to use within your design using heat processes, die-cutting and layering techniques. After you have created your embellishments Jessica will introduce you to a range of her stitch techniques for attaching the sequins and beads to fabric. These include pleated petals, fabric rolls, vertical beads and free-form appliqué.  Along with a  large selection of repurposed DIY materials, commercial waste such as plastic packaging, fabric offcuts and paint metal components you will stitch and build your 3D decorative designs. Hand embroidery details will finish off your floral designs and then you can decide your backing mount size and shape you would like to lace the textile art piece onto. Jessica will show you a method of lacing and securing your art piece so that it has a professional look and feel. You will leave the workshop with your own colourful 3D design – ready to frame in a box frame. 

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3rd July 2020




 All main materials and embellishments are included, you need to bring along a basic sewing kit including needles, scissors, embroidery thread, pins, strong lacing thread and an embroidery hoop – something 8 1/2 inches or slightly larger. Also if there any any specific fabrics or embellishments you would like to bring along to include in your piece please do.


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