‘A Bunch of Blooms’ – A Machine Embroidery Workshop


A machine embroidery / mixed media workshop with Dot Ronaldson using decorative papers and ink. There will be templates available to work from or bring your own vase pictures as inspiration.


Everyone loves a bunch of flowers!
A day to improve your free machine embroidery skills and give you the opportunity to explore how cut flowers can be represented in stitched art.
You will choose from a selection of composition sketches and an array of types of decorative papers. ¬†Coloured inks are used first to create the background. The papers can be torn or cut and then some will be arranged and slightly embedded into calico with gesso others will be PVA’d in place. Free machine embroidery is used to create detail and definition. Hand embroidery could then be added later.

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Skill Level

Suitable for those with free machine experience using the free motion/darning foot.


7th February 2020, 2nd Sept 2020


Suitable for confident beginners and more experienced.


£5 on the day for materials.

Sewing machine, flat bed tray and free motion foot

Free machine embroidery threads

Thread and paper cutting scissors
Glue brush
Paint brush for gesso
Spare machine needles
Ruler and pencil
* If you have a specific patterned decoupage paper you would like to use for the vase image feel free to bring this along or just choose from the selection provided on the day.


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