‘A Ferret, A Fox and a Badger Go Walking’-with Suzette Smart


Create your own woodland story in fabric and machine/hand stitch with characterful animals like a badger or a fox and beautiful trees for them to hide behind. Plenty of room to include some vintage fabric and lace details too.


Begin your piece of work by creating an interesting background with a collage of light coloured fabrics including some that have been painted with gesso. Use simple templates to help position your badgers, foxes, stoats and ferrets and other creatures. Bring your woodland animals to life with an eclectic mix of fabrics collaged together and developed further with free machine and hand stitching. Include trees in your composition which might be a simple stitched outline or a mix of fabric and stitch. Use vintage fabric and lace finds to add lovely texture and details which will be free machined into place.
Your work will be suitable for framing or as a hanging.
(Suggested size, no bigger than a 32cm square.)

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17th and 18th May 2023, 19th and 20th May 2023

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Your Lunch
Sewing machine with feed dogs down and a freehand foot.
Threads including a dark and cream.
A choice of light coloured fabrics for background collage.
Mid Weight Calico for painting with gesso and backing work before stitching.
Fabrics for animal and tree collage.
Vintage fabric and lace finds.
NB Suzette will have the gesso and paintbrushes.


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