‘A little Bird Told Me’.. Textile Birds – A Hand and Machine Stitch Workshop


A fun two days producing a completely original textile bird..can be as fantastical as you wish or bring along a couple of pictures of the bird you wish to emulate – if you want a more realistic garden bird.


These textile birds have developed from a workshop with textile group; Lost The Thread, and they produced such beauties I have finally got my head round how I want to teach it as a more structured two day workshop. The first day will be spent on the body of your bird, including the beak and feet. You will have the week in-between the two days to get started on the embellishment, choosing from yarns and feathers, silk throwsters waste, sari silk, velvet. The second day will be spent on the assembly and painted detail, and the finer details including the tail feathers and beading.  I will show you how to use the soldering iron and Texture Magic to great effect creating wings and plumage but each bird will be very much your own, depending on the materials and techniques you decide to use.

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17th and 24th February 2021, 20th May and 2nd June 2021, 21st May and 4th June 2021



Skill Level:

Suitable for those confident with the sewing machine and experienced with free motion embroidery.


  • Machine with ext table
  • pen
  • machine threads
  • free motion foot, normal presser foot
  • Guttermann textile glue
  • polyester stuffing
  • 40cm by 40cm linen/calico/ for base
  • feathers, decorative yarns, sari silk, sari yarn, hand dyed string/cord, beads, sequins in your chosen colours (Franklins Colchester have an excellent selection)
  • Small selection of lumiere paint if you have some and fine brush for detail.
  • Mercerised cotton (Stef Francis have a good selection online) and long chenille needle. DMC and Anchor are also good.
  • nylon thread and small hand needle.
  • Stuffing tool – ie chopstick
  • Floristry tape would be useful
  • Picture of your garden bird if you wish it to be more realistic.
  • Materials provided: Pattern, card, wire, yarns, feathers, wools, sheers, iron on vilene,  texture magic. Selection of beads and sequins, Calico/ linen, metallic leatherette.
  • Plse bring £8 to cover materials.


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