‘A Little Book Of Stitches’ with Melanie Missin Keating -New dates 2023


A Summery School of Hand Stitchery with Melanie from Melly-Made Designs. Three practical studio days throughout the Month of June 2022 with a little bit of stitching at home in between sessions.


There is nothing quite like hand embroidery. Some people use it to ‘paint’ their canvas or fabric to create the most amazing pictures, whether they are beautiful landscapes, still life or abstract, these will always be pieces of textile art. Embroidery stitches and techniques are as old as time itself and I am happy to share some of them with you. I hope you can share this ancient craft to keep this artform alive and kicking!

You will be making a little book, using different embroidery stitches and some of their variants.  Each week we will paint Vilene in contrasting colours to compliment your thread choices .

Throughout the month you will stitch sample stitch pages and some pictorial pages using the sample stitches learnt. The book will then be put together using ribbon and beads.

Ideal for complete beginners and more experienced in hand embroidery.

Week 1

Introductions. What is hand embroidery? What needles and threads to use?

Page 1: Running stitch and some of its variants to create an abstract page.

Page 2: Create your own monogram using learned stitches.

Page 3: Blanket and Buttonhole stitch and some of the variants to create an abstract page.

Page 4: Stitch a mini meadow using learned stitches.

Page 5: Chain stitch and some of the variants to create an abstract page.

Page 6: Stitch a building using learned stitch

You will have two weeks to complete.

Week 2

Page 7: Lazy daisy and long and short stitch and some of the variants to create an abstract page.

Page 8: A landscape looking through a cobweb using learned stitches

.Page 9: Knots, French, Chinese and bullion are some of the variants to create an abstract page.

Page 10: a myriad of flower and petal shapes using learned stitches.

Front cover stitched with text and little circles of learned stitches.

Back cover with more learned stitches.

You will have two weeks to complete.

Week 3

Create and embroider ‘spines’ with learned stitches, these will be used to put pages together to form a signature.

Finishing any other decoration.

Putting the signatures together with ribbons/yarn. Adding beads to the Ribbon/yarn to complete your Little Book of Stitches.

Additional information


1st June 2023, 15th June 2023, 29th June 2023


  • Chenille needles size 22/24
  • Embroidery threads stranded and Perle, different thicknesses. Wool, or other yarns that can thread through the eye of your needles are also good.
  • ½ metre of s80/240 craft Vlieseline (vilene) to be cut: –

12 x 3 ½ inch square pieces

6 x 4 ½ inch square pieces

3 x 2inch by 4 ½ inch rectangle pieces

6 x ¾ inch by 4 ½ inch rectangle pieces

  • Koh – I – Noor dye-based paints or other water colours/pencils
  • Variety of paint brushes
  • Heat erasable pen (frixion pen is good)
  • Iron, Mat and greaseproof paper
  • Ruler
  • Glue Gun
  • Soldering tool with tile or glass to burn/cut on and a mask.

I can supply the vilene, needle and some threads, with the use of my paints for £5.00 (onetime payment for the 3 days) payable on week 1, to me.

Refreshments are available throughout the day but don’t forget to bring your lunch.

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