‘A Little Strip of Leaves’ A Hand Embroidery Workshop with Amanda Clayton *New 2024


During the two days you will learn or revisit hand embroidery techniques such as inlay, cutwork, applique, layering, needle darning and many more……that are now very relevant to current quilting methods.

You will be working them in neutral cloth and thread, producing a sampler strip, which will introduce you to qualities such as transparency that may be new but potentially exciting. Using leaves as a design shape, the workshop will give you the confidence to develop your own visual language as you transfer both techniques and design skills to colour and scale when you return home.

Amanda is an obsessive hand ‘stitcher’ who loves to share her skills with others and is happy to work with both complete beginners and more experienced students.



You will require as your ground to work on throughout the workshop a  piece of silk organza in white or ivory about 15cm x 1m…this can be pieced together as you go along if you want from smaller pieces.

 Besides the cloth for this strip you will need:

Pieces of neutral cloth about 15 x 15cm or smaller which may include some of the following qualities;

Silk crepeline, organza, habotai, silk tulle,

sateen, wool, dupion, velvet, lawn…………. anything you have.

These again can be pieced together to make the size you want.

A small bag of found white fragments of cloth if you wish to make your work more personal such as lace, damask, hankies etc.

Different qualities of white/neutral thread;

(I bring 15 different types of thread for you to use at no charge.)

I will bring small quantities 40 x 40cm to purchase of the above cloth suggestions. (price depends on the quality)

And some organza strips 15cm x 1m which will be priced at. £3.50

Also a pack of fourteen qualities of neutral cloth 10 cm x 10 cm priced at £10

A small tambour frame if you like to work on one.

Small embroidery scissors.

Needles, pins.

A water or air erasable pen for cloth.

A portable light (optional)

A favourite leaf shape if you have. (optional)

Camera (optional)



Please, please don’t go and buy loads of stuff, it should fit into a shopping basket quite nicely.  We can manage on very little……

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12th and 13th April 2024




Your Lunch

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Artist Statement:

Hand stitching has had somewhat of a renaissance

over the last five years, however, it has always

been an integral aspect of Amanda’s work and

process. She is concerned with challenging the

qualities of cloth and thread through explorations,

experiments and decisions that allow the piece to

emerge and develop over time. Cloth comes alive

when she is using the qualities of bias, edge, grain,

and transparency giving infinite possibilities. She

uses stitch to make a mark or connection, or to

construct. This creates a timeless piece that is intimate

and intensely personal.

Recently, a more defined process of working has

emerged and the pieces Amanda produces have

developed a fresh perspective. The sensitivity in which

Amanda challenges cloth and stitch has recently attracted

a series of projects exploring health issues.

Amanda is now working freelance after an enjoyable

and satisfying few decades working on Art

Foundation courses. Teaching has always gone

hand in hand with producing new work and at this

time she was involved with both ‘The 62 Group’

and ‘The Textile Study Group’ and is also a life

member of ‘The Embroiderers’ Guild’ .

Amanda likes to consider herself as an enthusiastic

teacher and responds to beginners and more experienced

‘stitchers’ with equal pleasure. Her primary

aim is for students to enjoy

their workshop experience

and to go away with an independent

work process with ideas to

develop, rather than a ‘resolved’

prescriptive piece of work.


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