Anemones – Painting Detail in Watercolour – Video Tutorial with Denise Schoenberg


With Artist / Tutor Denise Schoenberg bring these vibrant flowers life with a pallet of harmonious watercolours. With close-up video she takes you through the process of painting delicate petals and buds, creating a small study of flowers, full of natural beauty and light. In teaching her techniques she gives beginners confidence to tackle other flowers and arrangements.

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Using a limited palette of colours, hues are blended and lifted to create delicate highlights and soft folding petals, enabling you to learn new fundamental techniques. It includes:

If you are new to watercolours or have painted watercolours for some time and want to improve your techniques, this projects guides you through the fundamentals and the tricky bits to ensure you really achieve those soft folds in the petals and delicate highlights in the detail. If you haven’t painted flowers in detail it is really worth practising the techniques in a couple of petals before you tackle the whole composition, Denise demonstrates this in part one by painting two petals in real time. The course includes five videos:

  • How to set up your workstation
  • Materials, colours and preparation.
  • Painting two petals in detail.
  • Painting the purple anemone.
  • Painting the pink anemone, bud and foliage.

Denise demonstrates the techniques and all the stages including: wet into wet, lifting, blending, moist on wet and wet on dry.

Materials list, photograph and sketch, all are downloadable.

The structured lessons are designed to let you learn at your own pace, in your own time, with all the materials you need listed to get you started and online support from me via the comments section.

I hope you will really enjoy this project and it will give you the techniques you can apply to painting flowers in detail.

This lesson would normally be a full day workshop so settle down to an enjoyable day of painting.

Learn at your own pace, in your own time, with all the information you need to get you started.  Upon booking I will email you a link and you will be given a password for six month access to the workshop in full.



Additional information

Artist Statement:

I specialise in floral painting and coastal landscapes, often drawing inspiration from the botanic gardens in Cambridge, the Norfolk coast and the Island of Mull. I also love to paint rusty decaying things experimenting with different ways of achieving texture.

During my career as an Architect living and working in the beautiful city of Cambridge I developed my interest in watercolour painting which has become my new career. As a professional artist and teacher I have taught many hundreds of students of all ages in workshops and art classes over the last ten years. I provide comprehensive online watercolour courses for all levels. Watercolour brings joy, light and colour into my life and I want to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for this beautiful medium with others. I love to see the progress of my students as they flourish and enjoy their watercolour painting journey.

Skill Level

Suitable for those who know the basics of watercolour


Full materials list and what Denise uses is on the tutorial itself but list below:

(It you would like the full version emailed prior to booking email me for the list)

Selection of watercolour paints, specific colours are listed on the full materials list.

A couple of fine pointed brushes, size 6 or 8, synthetic or sable.

Masking Fluid, Trace Down Paper and Palette.

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