Christmas Gift Box with MellyMade Designs – New for 2022


A fabulously Christmassy machine embroidery workshop with Melanie Missin-Keating.


I was inspired by some Bento Boxes that had been made with real flowers at a florist workshop. I decided to try and make something similar with my favourite material, Vlieseline, (more commonly known as Vilene). This is made from recycled plastic bottles.

I used teabags, Free motion stitching, paint, varnish and a soldering tool to create these delightful little boxes. I have now developed them into seasonal gift boxes.

Participants will make one box by painting and stitching the Vilene and construct. Creating, stitching and painting seasonal leaves such as holly, ivy or poinsettias to complete the decoration. A soldering tool is used to ‘cut’ away the excess fabric, which will leave a smooth finish to the edges of the leaves etc. Varnish is painted onto the finished box to strengthen it.

Contact Alex on booking if you wish to purchase as soldering tool.

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3rd December 2022


  •  Please bring £5 materials fee for Mel.
  •  Sewing machine with a new 90/14 needle and manual
  •  A darning foot for free motion stitching (Older machines may need a plate to put over the feed dogs if there is no switch to put them down).
  • Apron and mask.
  • A container or tray to take the boxes home as they may still be wet.
  •  Black cotton or rayon thread, not polyester.
  •  Paint brushes for paint and an old one for the varnish.
  •  Soldering tool with mask and old tile or glass which will not burn.
  • Hair dryer or heat gun

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