Collages and Birds with Anne Kelly


Anne has brought out her book Textile Folk Art which is proving hugely popular – and we get to print, collage and stitch with her in person for two days.  Look at for more info.


Birds are everywhere in textile art at the moment – we will make a small bird stencil using a mixture of contemporary and vintage images as source material.
This will then be printed onto various types of fabric and used in a range of samples.These can then be incorporated into larger pieces and embellished further by hand and machine (optional).

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16th and 17th June 2021, 18th and 19th June 2021



skill level

For beginners through to experienced textile artists.


1/2 metre unbleached canvas or heavy calico, linen for background
sewing machine (optional) and hand stitching kit 
Pins and scissors
Pritt stick
scalpel and cutting board
Printing blocks relating to nature, if you have them
Acrylic or fabric paint and sponge
Ribbons and lace in a range of sizes
Small buttons for embellishing
Pictures /sketches of favourite birds, flowers and folk art inspiration
If you keep sketchbooks bring them along!
old domestic textile fragments (embroidered or plain)
Machine, darning foot and appropriate sewing kit if you wish to free machine.


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