Contemporary Jewellery with Holly Stant


A fantastic opportunity to work with local designer Holly Stant over a couple of days. She will demonstrate two very different styles of contemporary jewellery design with particular emphasis on photo lamination and you will come away with your own unique jewellery having explored two very different techniques.


Within workshop you will have the chance to explore two very different styles of jewellery with Holly. Take one, a unique approach to contemporary jewellery by creating your own photo transfer ‘mapping’ necklace, and a pair of earrings.  The tutor will supply lots of photos to choose from but if you wish to use your own you will need to make sure they are printed using a laser printer.
During the second day venture into the world of HollyHocks by creating your own personalised acrylic necklace and a pair of funky daisy flower earrings. A fun two day workshop to create some jewellery with unusual techniques and materials.
Holly Stant is a mixed media contemporary jeweller specialising in unique one off pieces of work. Each piece tells a unique story of a significant location through the use of photography alongside various materials/techniques. Other the other hand… when in university HollyHocks began as a small jewellery line and still blooms today. Fun, funky acrylic jewellery!
Find out more about Holly and her jewellery:

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4th August 2020, 12 th August 2020


Items to bring: 
Your lunch,

Sponge brush – medium size,

Flat head pliers

1 J-cloth
Paper scissors
Photos (printed via a laser printer ONLY)


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