‘Crab Apples’ – A Mixed Media and Coloured Pencil Workshop with Janie Pirie *New 2022


A brand new workshop with botanical artist Janie Pirie, combining watercolour and traditional colour pencils.


Using watercolour or water-soluble pencils, with dry coloured pencils over the top, learn how to create this beautiful image of wild crab apples.  Janie will show you how you can quickly get illustrations completed by using a water-based first layer to speed up the colouring of your picture.  Once you have seen how it’s done, and then tried it, you will be able to apply this method to all your art projects if you want to get them finished quicker than the ‘dry’ CP’s only method.  These vibrant little apples have lots of detail but this is only added with very sharp pencils once the water has dried.

Bring red, green and yellow water-soluble pencils, brushes and water containers as well as all your dry pencils.

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3rd March 2022



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