Double Trouble – Playing with Twin Needles *New 2023 Date


Create a gorgeous stitched panel with a combination of twin needle stitching, hand stitching and ink.


Having finally got the hang of machine stitching with a single needle, how about upping your game to two! Twin needle stitching has been used for some time in quilting but can easily be adapted to creating some lovely textile art. This workshop is a combination of both machine and hand stitching, with a bit of fabric painting thrown in for good measure.

We will be using my design “Aquilegia” to create your own piece of twin needle art and I will show you the little tricks I learnt creating my piece.

To start with we will have a play with the twin needle so that you get the hang of twisting and turning the fabric and get used to having 3 threads not two on your machine. We can then progress onto drawing out, machine stitching and hand stitching into the design. It promises to be a busy day but you should, hopefully, go home with a finished (or almost) piece of exquisitely stitched and painted textile art.
Prior to the day check that your sewing machine has an auxiliary spool pin (technical term) as you will be using two spools of cotton at the same time. If not, Hemline do what they call a “Hemline Stand Double Cone Thread Holder”, Amazon or Franklin’s sell them ( I use one of these all the time).

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4th April 2023

Tutor Brings:

Pack cost £5.00 each

2 pieces Fabric (one plain one dyed)
Brusho paints
Design sheet
Threads for hand embroidery


Your Lunch

£5 for the material pack

Sewing machine
2 reels white 100% cotton thread (I used Gutermann)
Twin needles (universal not for stretch fabric) sizes 2.00 and 3.00
Sewing kit
Open toe presser foot (if your machine has one but a standard presser foot is fine if not)
2 machine bobbins
FriXion pen.
Plastic bag (big enough to take a piece of fabric approx 20 x 20” laying flat as work will be wet when you take it home)

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