Embroidered Coastal /Garden Rusted Cards – Project in a Box


Rusting fabrics is easy and produces lovely results which you can use in your own Textile work.  As well as the Rusting Instructions you will also be posted a generous variety pack full to the brim with materials pre dyed, to enable you to tackle a number of my favourite card ‘recipes’. Pick and choose which methods take your fancy or work through them all. Optional Zoom question and answer session on the 12th March.

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Objective – to revisit and learn new techniques in hand stitch and machine embroidery.  I find that working on a small scale – such as with samples for cards is really absorbing, can inspire or be the beginnings of bigger textile projects.

For this home boxed project I give you a number of technique and material combinations in the form of ‘recipes’ for different cards using rusted fabrics and papers.  I have outlined five methods or combinations to have a go at in so have included some materials in your box to ensure your able to tackle them.

Recipes involve machine embroidery, decorative utility stitches and hand embellishment.

Included in your box : Colour Instructions, Rust Dying Recipe so you can have a go yourself, A juicy pack of pre-rusted tissue, fabrics and yarns hand dyed by Juliet Day.  Pre -Painted Bondaweb , linen and a selection of other bits and pieces that you can use when tackling the ‘recipes’. Two aperture cards.

Optional zoom question and answer session on 12th March at 10am. Please email me to book on.

Optional Facebook group page for communication and inspiration .

You will need more materials if you wish to go into production but the workshop really allows you a taster of how you could use the selection of materials and techniques and of course combine them with your stash to make up more winning combinations!

Project is suitable for those with some experience of free machine embroidery.

Profile pic by Jackie Uphill, with thanks.

Rusted packs provided by Juliet Day, with thanks.

Boxes will be posted out by 1st March 2021


Any of your own rusted dyed fabrics to work alongside mine ,
Backing fabric – calico/ cotton is fine

Scrim in any colour is useful


Brush &Paints: Any of these in blues /turquoise : Lumiere, silk dye , dye na flow, Koh i Noor. Fluid acrylics are fine too. Small quantities.
A Soldering tool if you have one to tackle one of the ‘recipes’
Old washing up bowl or cat litter tray

Machine with ability to drop feed. Free motion/darning foot.

Normal presser foot.

Machine embroidery threads

Needle for handstitch.


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