Embroidered Treasure Boxes With Suzette Smart – *New 2022


Create a beautifully stitched treasure box to keep all your favourite things safe like those fabric scraps you can’t throw away, a bit of sewing ephemera and a needle and thread.


Use fabric collage and free machine embroidery to create beautiful and detailed flowers on your box lid. You might use the base of your treasure box as a platform for your colourful work by stitching in more muted tones.
Your floral design might include bunches of daisy like flowers and primulas too. The addition of a bee, butterfly or ladybird might be the finishing stitches but then there is always room for a stitched message and a french knot or two.

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19th and 20th May 2022




Your lunch
Sewing machine with feed dogs down and freehand / darning foot
Pelmet vilene (firm) Don’t pre cut but allow enough for 2 x 30cm square
Calico. Don’t pre cut but allow for 2 x 32cm square
Lightweight fabrics
Inspiration, garden images


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