Exploration and Expression: Drawing and Mixed Media with Cas Holmes


A two morning Sketchbook Zoom Course with Artist Cas Holmes. Cas is set up to demo from her studio and she communicates her teaching with clarity and ease.

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An exploratory and experimental approach to making drawings based on the tutors own practice. Through a variety of projects during the course we will also discuss how we look at things and why starting with drawing skills exploring ‘ways of seeing’. By employing a range of drawing materials and techniques in a series of engaging exercises develop an individual response to thematically based work and to encourage creative expression.

Drawing need not be considered just the starting point of a project. Let’s change the pace of the way we work and consider as part of an ongoing process or exploration. We will develop different approaches starting with the connections we make through objective drawing, exploring lines, tones and textures, and move towards expressive interpretation as opposed to super- realism in drawing … that ‘oh but mine doesn’t look right’ thought!

Each two hour session requires you to choose objects and references and to observe.  Try not to anticipate and imagine what a drawing of that group of objects will look like, instead select objects for their meaning to you (consider the shapes and form, subject, textures etc). They could be natural finds from a walk or simple household objects. Treat this process as the first stage to drawing.

Session One 29th March 2021 10am – 12/12.30 : We will start our first session with some exercises in observation and use of line and mark which ask questions about how we draw and why. We explore the relationship between looking and drawing by creating continuity in the looking-drawing process

Session Two 12th April 2021 10am – 12/12.30 :  We explore the different approaches to developing marks and tone (value) as a means to create form and expression in your studies. It is often a good idea to start with a large a piece of paper if you can to work on a series of drawing exercises looking at your objects Aim to stand if you can, while doing these as you will have a larger range of movement and arm extension. We will start with a few studies on the same piece of paper( if the paper allows.)

Follow Up session – if there is enough demand Cas will teach a third follow up session details listed below:

(Session Three. We look at taking a different view of things and look at how we can develop our drawings and create different compositions using the drawings we have created, and what we have referenced as a starting point. If you have no drawings for reference a print of photos an image or subject of interest will be ok. Please have colour in some form for application in the drawing.)

( The course fee covers Sessions One and Two)

I will be hosting on Zoom – which you will need to download prior to the session. It is straight forward but let me know if you have any questions.

Feedback on work will be communicated on an FB page during this time period.

Suggestions will be made for continuing work between sessions (optional)


What Do I Need?

The course is based on using what we have. I will advise as we progress and we can adapt.

For this course you will need the following (if you have them):-
– Drawing and painting materials you have to hand to work with such as pencils, pens etc.

As we go through the course/session please feel free to include unusual things and favoured materials (for example charcoal, conte sticks, sticks, inks, paint etc .
– Scissors
– masking tape

– Drawing cartridge or watercolour paper (collection of other papers of different weights to draw on such as brown wrapping paper if you wish)
– Sketchbook
– Selection of natural objects set up in your drawing area for reference (shells, feathers, plants etc)You can look at other objects and reference subjects as you wish

Experience Level:

For those with more experience, you will learn new techniques and improve your skills further. Learners will explore a variety of painting and drawing techniques and take inspiration from different artists and other sources to inform your work.


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