‘Fragile Stitch’ with Nicola Kimber


You will be working with the  talented Nicola Kimber producing three beautifully delicate textile/paper samples that by machine and hand stitching into them, become effortless abstract landscapes incorporating personal imagery and text.


On the first day we will construct our surfaces to for us to place our ‘Fragile Stitches’ upon.  To do this we will be using a Japanese root paste and good old fashioned wall paper paste!  The aim of the day will be to achieve 3 pieces of work, one of which will be made from tissue paper, the other two from fine fabrics such as silk organza, cotton lawn, scrim, lace etc.  One of the samples we will colour before assembling, the other will be left neutral for you to colour at a later date, or simple enjoy the fabrics in their natural state.

On day two you will be able to embellish these wonderful translucent back grounds with text and photographs along with hand and machine stitch.

Additional information


3rd August and 4th August 2021



Experience Level

Suitable for all skill levels




  • Usual hand sewing kit
  • Fabric and paper scissors
  • A small selection of threads
  • A small selection of light weight fabrics or papers, any that have a special meaning to you.  Suggested fabrics (all un-dyed), silk organza, habitat, sari ribbon, cotton lawn, muslin, scrim, lace
  • Sewing machine
  • A soft 2” decorators brush
  • An soft artists flat brush, about 3/4”
  • Dye-na-flow or similar in your chosen colours
  • Inspiration of what you would like to create, a memory of a place, or person, event
  • Plastic Sheet to cover table
  • Newspapers
  • photocopies of any photos/texts you wish to include

I will bring threads, fabrics, pastes and Dye-na-flow should you not have these, for which there will be a small charge per person (£5)


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