Further Off-Loom Weaving Explorations with Sarah Ward


Create these stunning and Oh.. so clever woven patterns with Sarah Ward of Lark and Bower.


Want to delve a little deeper into your off-loom weaving practice?

Although tailored to those who have already attended the first workshop, this class is of course open to anyone who feels they can catch on or have ventured in the world of weaving before.

This time, we will try our hand at a ‘Waffle’ structure, also known as ‘Honeycomb’. It gives a 3D effect of depth, and is a bit of an optical illusion!

We’ll have a go at an ‘Enlarged Twill’, creating a ‘basket weave’ type pattern, introducing stripes into the mix for a bit of pazaz, and we’ll try some yarn winding techniques too.

These are such versatile structures, and can look totally different depending on the colours and stripes you decide to use. The possibilities are endless!
As with the first workshop, you will be given coloured paper simulations/ patterns to follow for each structure we try.
Yarn and bases will be provided – but if you have your own found objects or yarn that you’d like to use, feel free to bring them along too!

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12th August 2023




Your Lunch

£10 for Sarah’s materials on the day.


Any yarns you want to try yourself but Sarah brings a great selection.


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