‘Hare and the Moon’ with Nigel Cheney

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In this workshop with Nigel Cheney, you will produce a unique piece of textile art. Inspired by the array of examples of different approaches to hand stitch and fabric manipulation that you will be shown, this two day workshop will allow you to gain the confidence to assemble your own collage of fabrics and bring them to a cohesive surface through stitch. It will also include the development of charming hand stitched motifs to apply onto a ground.


You will have the opportunity to select from a number of digitally printed motifs from Nigel’s drawings or for those who are confident with drawing you will be shown how to use your imagery. For this collage fabrics will be provided but these can be expanded with your own collection of your favourite fabrics to make something very personal. These can be offcuts from old clothes, damaged pieces of pre-embroidered vintage table cloths, handkerchiefs or fragment.s left over from previous projects.

Myths and folklore surrounding the relationship of the Hare and the Moon abound through many different cultures. From Mexican Creation myths to English folklore of witch’s familiars, they are a constant source of fascination for Nigel. Key elements of his practice are using cloth and image to tell stories. He begins with beautifully observed animals and birds that are digitally printed onto cloth and meticulously hand stitched. These motifs will be the basis on which your composition will develop – the size being your choice.

In this intensive 2 day workshop we will spend the first day creating fabric collages This will develop into the second day where you will explore slow hand stitching as mark making to describe both form and texture of your own hare. Other digitally printed elements such as moons and birds will be provided for you to work with.

Day1 : We are all familiar with quilting as a technique to layer fabrics together and through stitching to create a new material with different properties.  Inspired by traditional ‘Kantha’ embroidery the rhythms of the stitches and how close they are together can produce some startling results. The process has a unique charm and an organic feel.   You can work with hand and/or machine embroidery (free and set pattern stitches) with different fabrics and different patterns to sample a number of effects.
We cover : the principles of the technique through hands on experimentation.
Generate stitch patterns and structure (image and pattern) Working with existing printed imagery either as motif or texture.

Day 2: Using either the provided digitally printed hand drawn motifs, or working directly from your own wildlife sketches we will look at how to layer hand stitched pieces to create texture and form before applying them to your ground.  You may choose to stick to either hand or machine or combine the two.

You can decide whether you work on two or three highly stitched samples or one large fabric collage depicting a number of illustrations.


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7th and 8th April 2023, 28th and 29th April 2023



Artist Bio:

Nigel Cheney is an award winning textile artist with over 30 years experience teaching and exhibiting. His work is in many private and International Collections. He has been featured in Embroidery magazine and several of the Batsford books by the likes of Cas Holmes (embroidering the everyday)and Anne Kelly (textile Travels).

Nigel Cheney is an award winning textile artist and designer who lives and works in Leicestershire, UK. His practice is divided between textile art and producing one-off designed pieces. His work deals with memory and narrative, whilst his brand ‘KINGDOM’ produces decorative textiles for interiors and fashion accessories that combine digital print with hand and machine stitch.
He held the position of Lecturer in Embroidered Textiles at National College of Art and Design, from 1993 til his retirement from full-time lecturing in 2017. His academic roles have embraced all aspects of Design as external examiner for several institutions.
In 2013 he co authored ‘Textile Surface Manipulations’ with Dr. Helen McAllister for Bloomsbury Textile Handbook series. His work has been featured in several publications. He has exhibited widely in both Ireland and Internationally, and his work is in many private collections.
He has been featured in Embroidery magazine and several of the Batsford books by the likes of Cas Holmes (Embroidering the Everyday)and Anne Kelly (Textile Travels).

You can see more of his work on his social media pages and on his website http://[email protected]


The essential materials will be provided for £7 materials charge on the day.

In order for your work to be personal and unique it is advisable that you bring along a bundle of fabrics that you are passionately interested in working with. Colours and surface qualities that you love are important. These can have personal significance to you or be finds from ebay/charity shops. They can be scraps from alterations, old clothes that are beyond repair, charity shop finds etc.

A variety of hand embroidery  threads in a colour palette that you feel compliments your fabric selection.

Basic sewing kit including hand needles, pins, and fabric scissors. If you want to work from your own drawings please bring these along.

Machine and embroidery threads if you would like to work with free machine embroidery also -you can always leave it in the car and make the decision on the day.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Amazing course with a very generous Tutor. The course pack had everything you needed. You don’t need to bring anything else, but a few favorite bits of cotton and thread can be added. Nigel was very patient and let you develop your own style and did not force you down a prescriptive route. If you wanted help he willingly guided and helped make it perfect. He was also very generous with his knowledge and was happy to discuss ideas and different techniques to take the project further. Highly highly recommend for new stitchers and experienced alike – you will love it.

    • Alex

      Thankyou Penny x

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