‘Hearing Place’ a Sketchbook workshop with Debbie Lyddon



This workshop is drawn from my love of walking, of paying attention, using my imagination, of drawing and of making, and explores how sound can be visualised.

In the workshop you will:

  • Make a sketchbook
  • Spend time outside collecting information from the environment
  • Make a concertina book to document drawn sounds
  • Make a series of small stitched ‘sound snatches’ that are a personal interpretationof what you have heard
  • How to interpret sound using mark-making and drawing
  • Simple book-binding techniques
  • How to translate mark-making and drawing into stitch

Additional information


15th June 2022




  • 2 Sheets of A3 cartridge paper (approx. 130gsm)
  • 1 large sheet watercolour paper (approx. 22 x 30’’, 1401b/300gsm)
  • A4 piece of cream/white mediumweight line or cotton
  • Bone folder (optional)
  • Paper scissors
  • Pen/pencil
  • Graphite stick
  • Transparent/white oil pastel or candle
  • Tubes of watercolour in a range of colours
  • Black ink
  • Brushes – large and small
  • Mark-making tools
  • PVA
  • Pots for water
  • Palette for mixing paint
  • Sewing kit
  • Embroidery threads in a range of colours
  • Apron
  • Newspapers/Plastic to cover tables


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