‘Hooked on The Abstract’ with Liz Shackleton

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This is a two day workshop to show exactly what can be achieved using hooking techniques. Along with being able to create a unique rug or woollen piece, I will also show you how silks, cottons and nylon can be used on a smaller scale to produce bejewelled work surfaces which can stand alone or become  part of a bigger work.
I shall teach two techniques over the two days but also offer tips on how to manipulate those techniques to form unusual surfaces.
 These techniques are most forgiving and utilise scraps of favourite fabrics or worn loved clothing. Once you have simple tools, a frame and some hessian you are off!
I shall come with examples of work, books to look through and shall be demonstrating loads


1 A thick felt tip pen for drawing on hessian. Inspirational pictures for your design

2 a good strong frame. I can supply a reusable one for £8 or a quilting frame will do for the day’s workshop. A STAPLE GUN or drawing pins and a small hammer to attach the hessian to the frame. If you have an old picture frame which is strong and has wide flat sides, that’s fine. The inside of the frame will indicate the size of your finished work.

3 one metre of 10 oz hessian.( about 10 threads per inch). I can supply a metre for £4.50.

4 a pair of good sharp scissors for clipping or cutting.

5 a simple short shanked general purpose rug hook. This is not a latched hook. I can offer an economy hook for £10.50 (price hike) on the day. I am happy to loan one for the day which you can buy if you want to.
The brass and yew hooks are lovely to work with but are expensive. They are even more expensive since BREXIT! You can try mine on the day.
Fred Aldous sells the hooks on line if you want to obtain one yourself.
Any search engine should find rag rug hooks UK for you.

6 a progger which can be a chop stick, an empty ball point pen or I use a wooden dolly peg with one leg cut off and tapered. These can also be bought online.

7 assorted fabrics which can mean any sort of fabric. Woollen blankets , old sweaters, scarves, coloured nylons, patterned fabrics off cuts or worn out old clothes, silks, ribbons, synthetics, balls of wool (the thicker the better). I shall have bags of fabrics to use on the day.

You can order frames or hooks from liz with some notice – contact alex for Liz’s details up to two weeks prior to the workshop.

1 review for ‘Hooked on The Abstract’ with Liz Shackleton

  1. 5 out of 5

    Sheila Brighten (verified owner)

    Totally brilliant workshop. Liz was so enthusiastic and helpful and everyone achieved something successful. As usual Alex provided a perfect venue under difficult circumstances

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