‘Leaf Me Alone To Stitch’ – A Hand Stitch Project Box by Dot Ronaldson


A brand spanking new hand stitch boxed project by Dot Ronaldson, worked on the vibrant and funky designs of the 1950’s.


This is a really original hand stitch project. Based on the gorgeously funky fabric designs of the 1950s.  There are two designs to choose from 3 trees or one tree. The videos include the techniques for both designs and show how to do the stitches. If you love hand embroidery this is something new and different and if you are fairly new to stitch then this is a great project to improve your skills.
The fabrics are backed with interfacing and cut to create design segments. Each segment is then worked separately. An easy to handle approach.
Blanket stitched plastic washers as well as a range of stitches and delicious Czech beads are used to create the design. The fabric print makes it easy to follow the pattern. You can follow my example exactly using the labelled close up images or add your own design ideas.
The design  is then assembled on Calico with additional stitch and beads to create a composition ready for mounting and framing.
Please allow a two week turnaround upon booking the project.  Once the project has been ordered I will email you short video clips that work alongside the written tutorials and materials in the post.

Additional information

Choose Design:

3 Tree Design, One Tree Design


Crewel  needle Size 5,6 or 7
Tapestry needle size 15 to 20
Chenille needle size 20 to 24
Guttermans fabric glue ( clear one )
Iron and baking parchment

Inside The Box

Labelled illustrations
Information on needles and threads
Step by step instructions
Fabric swatch
Iron on interfacing
Plastic washers
Stranded embroidery thread


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