Machine Embroidered Cards and Box * Nov 2023


A christmassy fun workshop creating cards and boxes using the decorative automatic stitches in your sewing machine.


This is one of the first workshops I taught and I think it is the perfect time to run it again!  If you are relatively new to textile art & looking to work with your sewing machine more, this day provides a good spring board into the world of creative textiles.  I show you how to layer up fabrics, sequin waste and metallic lame in your chosen colours before stitching the layers with lots of decorative stitches.  The product of all your layering and stitching will be a decorative panel which you can choose to create lots of cards from on the day or a few cards and a decorative box like the ones pictured.

You can choose whether to go Christmassy with your colour choices or simply use your favourite colour combinations.

Ideal for complete beginners using a sewing machine and for those wanting a productive yet festive day!  Your sewing machine can have the smallest selection of stitches – I will show you how to get beautiful stitch effects with the basic stitches too.

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29th Nov 2023




Sewing Machine

Normal presser foot

Selection of machine embroidery threads if you have them – I have plenty.

A couple of empty bobbins.

Gold Madeira metallic machine embroidery thread if you have some.

If you have a green cutting matt and a rotary cutter bring those too.

Fabric scissors

Embroidery scissors.


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