Mad March Hare – A fabric construction workshop


Work with Gaye Parker in creating your own super cheeky but very smart tweed hare complete with jacket and tie.


Gaye Parker will lead you through constructing your handsome hare on day one and make up his felt jacket on day two.

The course will include:-

Pattern placement.

Sewing the hare by machine.

Finishing with hand sewing.

Turning narrow limbs with ease.

2 methods of jointing.

Stuffing to achieve a high quality finish.

How to add the features to the face including whiskers and posable ears.

Felt clothing construction.

Finishing and embellishing and getting him ready to hop off home with you!

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18th and 19th October 2019, 8th and 9th June 2020



skill level

Ideal for those confident with the sewing machine. not ideal for those with weak hands as the turning out of hare's limbs could be a bit of a struggle.


Please bring £12 to cover Gaye’s materials (listed below)

*Sharpie marker black fine.

*Sewing machine in good working order and knowledge of its use. (Straight stitch only is needed)

*Fat1/4metre tweed fabric. (A fat quarter is a piece no less than 20” long and 18” wide) (I will bring some too as a back up in case yours is not suitable)

* Sewing thread to match your fabric to use on your sewing machine.

*An open toed foot for your machine is extremely useful.

*Good sharp scissors.

*Glasses if you wear them and thimble if you use one.

*General sewing kit.

* Notebook and biro.

* camera or smart phone.

If possible you can bring the following items but I will have some you can borrow:-

*Long (about 8”)flat ended screw driver or any stuffing tools you may have.

*Turning tubes. (6 mm wide ) 12” long and hollow. Brought from from model shops.

*Pliers needle nosed style. Or long nosed pliers. The finer the better.

*Clover ball point bradawl.( you can buy them at The Cheap shop if you want one.)

I will provide you with a kit on the day for £12 which will include:-

* The patterns which will be laminated and cut out.

* Doll needles

* Chop stick

* Stuffing

* Buttons

* Bead eyes

* Chenille sticks

  • Nose thread and bonded nylon threads.
  • Clock charm
  • Plastic pellets
  • Whiskers
  • Fabric stabiliser
  • Fur tail
  • 25mm joint
  • Felt for jacket ( bring your own if you prefer)


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