‘Marvellous Mono-printing for Cloth’ – A 2 Day Workshop with Maria Boyle *NEW 2021


Using fast and fun mono-printing techniques create a variety of dry-point and mark making effects on cloth using acrylics and textile paints. Create unique prints layering colour, abstract mark, line-drawings and positive and negative prints using techniques that you can easily replicate at home. Leave with a number of wonderful cloth samples and finished pieces that can stand alone or be added to with stitch.

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Day 1
– Line drawings/ drypoint on acrylic/ plastic plates – initially on paper to practice and then on cloth
– Polystyrene relief plate (inside pizza packaging!)
– Various resist techniques
Day 2
– Revisit Day 1 techniques
– Overprint Day 1 prints, build the image with more colour and mark
– Add extra touches with puff binder, direct painting, Inktense etc

Please see Requirements tab for full list but do bring:

  • Current project/ work in progress/ sketchbook/ images/ photos – to inspire you. Images and line drawings to use as a guide for mark-making please, e.g. photo, postcard, sketchbook etc
  • Selection of cloth – plain and some dyed/patterned if possible to give a background colour. Needs to be washed, dried and ironed ready to use. Fine cotton works best but do bring other material to test. Is ideally larger than the printing ‘plate’ you intend to use.

Note: This is a fast technique and you are likely to create a lot so do bring enough to play with.

Please bring £7 materials for Maria as she will bring:

Acrylic paints, textile medium, textile paints, puff binder, mark making tools, resists, plastic and polystyrene printing plates, some brayers/rollers, squeegees, containers, spoons, palette knives, Inktense, Neocolour 11, threads, newspaper, old cloths and t-towels, bin liners etc.

Additional information


21st and 22 Sept 2021


10-3.30 on day one. 10-4pm on day two.


  • £7 for Maria materials
  • Pencils and pens for drawing
  • Cheap Biro
  • A surface to use as a ‘printing plate’: needs to be smooth and flat and easily wiped clean and a minimum A4 size; e.g. clear pvc sheet, acrylic sheet, Perspex sheet, acetate sheet, plastic pocket. Ideally transparent. Alternatively, you can use a cutting mat, piece of lino or even a ‘hot stuff mat’ heat resistant sheet

Note: I have a variety of plates to share but you will have to give it a good clean at the end of the session!

  • Acrylic paints, selection of colours you like to use.
  • Scissors for paper and for cloth
  • Mixing palette or plastic container/lid or plastic tray, i.e. something to mix colours in
  • Masking tape
  • Plastic knife and/or palette knives
  • Old clean cloth/t-towel to use when ironing to protect iron/ ironing board/work
  • Basic Drawing Kit (Pencils/Eraser etc), sketchbook/ notebook
  • Apron/Protective Clothing
  • Selection of Paint Brushes, different sizes (not good quality)
  • Sheets of paper, minimum 10 sheets, minimum size A4 (Note: this does not need to be good quality)
  • Jam jar for fresh water
  • Clean tea towel to dry
  • A soft cloth to wipe surfaces and printing plate as you go along
  • Plastic bag to bring anything not dry home

Good to bring if you have at home:

If you have any of the following, please bring them for your own use:

  • Stencils and mark making tools, e.g. cotton buds, cocktail sticks, kitchen rubber/silicone tools such as spatula, old credit card etc.
  • Small foam roller or decorator’s roller (B&Q does a 4” mini roller and tray set £2.68) or Rolling pin
  • Screen printing inks by Jacquard or Textile medium
  • Spoons
  • Gelli plate
  • Stencils
  • Stamps, blocks
  • Interesting leaves/ shells shapes to use as stencils
  • Lacey/holey cloth e.g. muslin with open weave, scrim
  • Threads
  • Hairdryer to speed up drying times
  • Brayer/ print-makers roller
  • Fabric medium
  • Textile paints; Lumiere, Liquitex, Neopaque etc.
  • Puff additive
  • Other water-soluble media e.g. Derwent Inktense Blocks
  • Baby wipes
  • Blank silk screen
  • Talc/ flour, plain wax candle
  • Polystyrene sheets, e.g. supermarket pizza packaging
  • Baren
  • Squeegee

Note: Bring what you can and buy things only if you want it. There are plenty of techniques to work with and the Maria has some extra bits you can borrow/use.


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