Modern Patchwork & Quilting with Jane Marshall


Join Jane for a series of three or four workshops over the course of two months, exploring the relaxed and colourful world of modern patchwork and quilting: a wonderful mix that brings together the practicality of traditional patchwork and some of the artistic challenges of contemporary textiles.


We’ll discover how – as modern quilters – we start with the age-old ‘rules’ of quilt construction, and then we have loads of fun bending and breaking those rules to create joyful, usable textiles. Along the way, we’ll learn about some of the modern quilter’s secret weapons (equipment, techniques, types of fabrics…) and how to use them to create exciting effects with minimal effort.

The workshops will be guided to a great extent by students’ own preferences and previous experience. You don’t need any previous knowledge or experience of patchwork or quilting for these workshops, however they would equally be suitable for someone who has already dipped their toes in the water and wants to really dive in and enjoy themselves more!

You could work on a single project from start to finish: designing and creating an entire small quilt or wallhanging. Or you could decide to try out different techniques and designs over the course of the four weeks, to build a portfolio of skills and ideas. Along the way, we’ll explore ways to create a dynamic and balanced overall design, and look at construction methods. We will also explore options for assembling, quilting and finishing your quilt, wallhanging or other projects.

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23rd Oct 2019, 30th Oct 2019, 6th Nov 2019, 20th Nov 2019, 15th Jan 2020, 29th Jan 2020, 5th Feb 2020, 22nd April 2020, 6th May 2020, 20th May 2020


10am- 3pm

About the Tutor

Jane Marshall designs and makes cheerful, useful textiles that combine traditional skills with a modern eye for colour. Her work has been published in books and magazines in the UK and the USA. Jane has taught patchwork and quilting for nearly two decades. She sells quilts and other textile loveliness on line through her shop on Etsy (search for the Beaded Garden), at local craft fairs and through outlets including the Handmade Shop & Gallery in Bury St Edmunds.


  • Your lunch
  • Quilting fabrics: a selection of 100% cotton quilting weight fabrics: your choice of prints and/or plains. Initially we will be working with small amounts of fabrics, so a few Fat Quarters or large scraps (at least 10” square) should be enough for Workshop 1. Once students have decided on their project(s), they may wish to buy/bring extra fabric to later workshops.
  • Sewing machine in good working condition, with a new needle. You will only be sewing straight stitches during the workshop. You will also need a ¼” foot that allows you to sew a consistent ¼” seam
  • Rotary cutter with a sharp blade, acrylic quilter’s ruler with ¼” markings (a square ruler at least 9”x9” is extremely useful but not essential) and a small cutting mat
  • Cotton or polyester sewing thread, in a light neutral colour or colour to match your co-ordinating fabrics
  • Sketch book and pens/pencils for design
  • Scissors
  • Sharp pins


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