‘Mr Fox’ – Goldwork Embroidery with Wendy Mansfield – * New for 2022


An opportunity to spend a day with Wendy Mansfield learning this timeless craft. Using a wide variety of metal threads combined with silk, participants will be shown how to bring Mr. Fox to life with sumpteous and opulent effect!



Following the success of her bugs and bees, Wendy asked me to sketch a series of folk inspired characters for her goldwork workshops – so how could I refuse ! Mr Fox is the first of four designs – a hare, humming bird and owl to  follow later on in the year.  She asked for a character that enabled her to teach lots of techniques – but within a day, allowing the student to complete once at home having aquired all the skills neccessary.

Mr Fox measures 8″ by 6″ inches and will be stitched on to cream dupion silk.  Techniques covered include chipping over padding, pearl purl edging, stem stitch for the floral elements in metal threads and 3-d goldwork.

Wendy will supply all the gold materials for £15 payable on the day.

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12th April 2022





£15.00 for materials

A free standing hoop -if you have one.

A sharp pair of embroidery scissors


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