Nuno Felted Pods and Pods – with Clare Bullock


Spend a day with Clare Bullock creating these gorgeous felted pods and pots.


First day of Clare’s Summer School. You have the option to add the two day Nuno Felting and Stitch on the 26th and 27th August or just book it as a stand alone day.

The beauty of wool is you can make pretty much anything with it, on this workshop we will look to make a selection of beautiful seamless felt pots, we will look at a variety of shapes, sizes and textures working in the colours of your choice.  Expect to make one large or four smaller pots on the day.

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23rd Aug 2021




Pack lunch,

Two towels
Half metre of bubble wrap
Anti slip mat ( the sort of thing you line shelves in a caravan with or to stop rugs moving.
Plastic milk bottle with holes in the lid to make a  water sprinkler.
Vegetable or olive oil soap.
At least 100g of merino wool colour of choice.
Any threads that you might like to use for embellishments.
Paper scissors. Waterproof pen
I will provide decorators plastic
 plastic bowls, and foam resist.
I will provide wool at cost which is £2.50 per 50g if required.



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