Nuno Wet Felting with Clare Bullock


Nuno is the combination of merino wool and sheer fabrics fused together with soap, water and friction. By using the wet feltmaking technique to fuse these fabrics and fibres together you will create a new type of felt which will appear fluid and textured. Pieces can be further stitched with either hand or machine at home.


This type of felting lends itself to be worked further with hand and machine stitch.  We will make a variety of pieces that can be worked together with stitch on the final afternoon. This is a great opportunity to try a selection of different weights of fabric to see just what textures we can discover.

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26th August 2020


10am – 4pm

Skill Level

Suitable for all – you can choose to either hand stitch or use free motion.


  • Bamboo blind – 60cm to 80cm wide with all fixtures and fittings removed and re-tied.
  • Bubble wrap – Minimum 1m (small bubbles)
  • Basic sewing kit
  • Machine and threads
  • Or hand embroidery  threads/needles on second day
  • Fabric & paper scissors
  • Tape Measure
  • Towels
  • Plastic milk bottle with holes in the lid – For applying water to your project.
  • Merino tops – Enough for your project in your choice of colours.
  • Fancy yarns and silk threads which you may wish to incorporate
  • A selection of lightweight fabrics such as silk chiffon, georgette, silk gauze, cotton muslin, loom state muslin (scrim) and rayon.
  • Olive oil or vegetable oil soap

A note about the fabric – 

It is important to use a light weight loosely woven fabric, the best kind of weaves for Nuno are silk chiffon, georgette, cotton scrim, muslin cheesecloth and light weight cottons. Silk headscarves with a pattern is fine, the fabric does not need to be plain! Have a look in charity shops or TKmaxx, as they all have a good selection usually. Indian scarves are also light weight and lovely to felt. Any questions contact Alex


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