Owl Sculpture with Bryony Rose Textile Menagerie-New Date 2023


New 2023 dates! – I am so excited Bryony is extending her ‘Fabric mouse’ workshop and we can explore her world of stylised imaginary creatures further…a two day workshop where you will design and construct your own textile owl….twit twooooo!


Work with fabric to shape and create your own textile Owl. Wrapping, layering and hand-stitching over a stuffed fabric and wire armature in a unique approach to sculpting. Explore ways to suggest character, expression and form using various sewing techniques. Participants can bring their own selection of treasured fabrics and objects to cover and personalize their sculpture.

A two day workshop (9.30-5pm) allows for completion of the owl, including display on stand if desired.

Take a look at Bryony’s website:

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25th and 26th August 2023





I provide:

A selection of reclaimed and vintage fabrics, Copper wire,
A range of haberdashery bits and embellishments, Glass eyes and beads

Florists Tape in a range of colours, Embroidery Threads, Upholstery Threads, A selection of needles

Students to Bring:

  • Stuffing – Toy stuffing or an old pillow. 1 small carrier bag full will be plenty.
  • A selection of fabrics that you would like to use to cover your sculpture. These can be small scraps or larger pieces. A mixture of patterned fabrics, plain fabrics and a variety of textures will be helpful.
  • Any found objects or ephemera that you could use for the features of your animal. Marbles, Buttons, Beads, Old Jewellery and watch pieces can work well for eyes, beaks and claws.
  • Consider how you would like to present your sculpture, it can be freestanding, or you could display it mounted on a plaque or using some form of stand – twigs and branches, domestic objects, blocks of wood. Please bring anything you might like to use as a method of displaying your sculpture.
  • A selection of sewing needles – embroidery needles that are sharp and sturdy in a range of lengths will be most useful.

Artist Bio:

I am a textile sculptor living on the beautiful Hampshire coast.

The Textile Menagerie is my imaginary story land of creatures.

I use reclaimed textiles in my work,

a soft, worn medium that carries the imprints of lives previously encountered.

Old cloth, conveying a sense of history, lends itself perfectly to my endeavours.  My making process is slow, manipulating fabric into form,

allowing a personality to develop organically as I wrap, fold, stitch and stuff.

I aim to weave a little soul and magic into every beastie I create.

My depictions are stylised, obviously inspired by the animals of our world,

but not an attempt to replicate that beauty and perfection.

Instead the idea of a specific species informs a more surreal interpretation, unbound by reality.

-Bryony Rose Jennings


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