Painting and Mark Making using Procyon Dyes and Acrylic Paints with Libby Smith


Paint and ‘markmake’ with dye to create some great painterly effects on your fabric ready to construct your own collaged landscape at home.


Create a palette of dyed natural fabrics using Procyon dyes mixed with Manutex to give more control in achieving a variety of effects.  In addition we will be using acrylic paints to extend the exercise of mark making so that you have a stash of fabrics that have great collage potential.

We will be using the dyes like water colour (no sloshing around of large containers of dye) with Manutex to give more control over results.  Libby brings all the dyes and dye paraphernalia.

Fabrics for dyeing

Please bring along any of the fabrics listed below that you may have in your stash. The cottons in particular should be well washed so that any fabric dressing has been removed (please do not use fabric softener).  Perhaps you have some fabrics you have already dyed and would like to add further effects.You don‘t need vast amounts of any one fabric.  In addition the workshop includes a range fabrics for you to use.

Calico – washed – different weights, Silk organza ,Silk habotai, Silk muslin,Cotton scrim, Cotton muslin, lightweight cottons, sari ribbon.

Additional information


31 October 2019



Skill Level

Suitable for All


£5 for Libby’s materials.

It would be good if you could bring clingfilm, a bucket or bowl, an old towel.

Varying sizes of paint brushes and a mixing palette


Your Lunch


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