Pleated Lampshade with Sam from ‘Colour Me This’ * Spaces Available


With their full and textured finish, and warm and lively designs, the pleated lampshade has experienced a surge in popularity.  With people wanting to spend more time at home and looking for beautiful and unique ways to enhance their living spaces, the pleated shade does just that, adding warmth and personality to any room.


A relaxing day, working at a relaxed pace to ensure you soak up the instructions and enjoy every minute of making your beautiful, pleated lampshade.

You will have time in the morning to choose your fabric from a selection of sari’s if you have decided not to bring your own on the day.  We will then learn the basics of making a hand stitched fabric lampshade, using thread and tape, where you can adapt those skills to other styles of shades. Following on from this, we will then get to work on machine stitching our pleats, or for those who do not have a machine, we will pleat by hand.  You will learn how to attach the outer and inner fabric to the shade and finish it off with your choice of trim.  Then voila, you have your beautifully handmade pleated lampshade!

Full Materials Supplied £30(go to requirements tab for full list)

Frame-French Drum-25cm

Linen lining

Lampshade tape 13mm

1 Metre Sari fabric (examples pictured)

Additional information


4th May 2023




Sam will bring a selection of outer fabrics and linings for you to use on the day.  Please bring £30 on the day to cover all the materials .  If you decide to bring your own outer fabric and binding please bring £20. See below for info:

If bringing your own 1 Metre outer fabric, Sam recommends a plain or busy pattern (avoid straight vertical lines, such as ticking if you can!) using materials such as; Tanna Lawn, Silk Sari, Linen, Batiste, Georgette or Linen.

Binding, we recommend a stretch velvet ( or a bias binding either made from the same fabric or a colour that compliments your fabric.

Everyone will need:

Sewing machine with normal presser foot,  bobbins, 90/14 or 80/12 machine needle.  (or if decide on hand stitch only – no need for machine)

Needle-Darners size 7 or larger strong, depending on the fabric, but for the above fabric suggestions, the 7 will be fine.

Polyester (not cotton) Thread-Matching colour to outside fabric.  I use the brand; Gutterman

Pins-Applique or Dressmaking

Small embroidery scissors

Artist Bio:

I have always had a passion for interiors and dabble in interior design, but as I spent many an hour pondering and searching interior shops and websites for items to finish off a room, I could rarely find  what I was looking for.  This ranged from Art to rugs, wallpaper to bedding and of course lampshades!  My skills don’t stretch as far as making rugs, painting, printing wallpaper or making bedspreads, so I opted for something that I felt confident I could probably achieve with minimal stress….the lampshade!  I guessed there must be others out there just like me, and so I started off making hard panelled shades, using different fabrics, sizes, shapes and templates (if you haven’t researched the calculation to making your own lampshade template, you will need a degree in maths!!) and then slowly started to get requests asking for me to make bespoke shades, but the customers really needed help with fabric ideas.  Whilst this can be time consuming, it is so satisfying and rewarding to present the finished article to the customer, knowing that you have helped them choose their fabric, based on their rooms colour pallet and design and give them the shade that was made just for them. This gave me the confidence to push my comfort zone (not being a confident sewer) to making soft and plated lampshades.  I have to say, I am now more of a fan of the soft shade for 3 reasons, they are classic, rich and timeless, they can be made in the comfort of your living room and they don’t require a degree in maths! So that’s my story and I am delighted to be able to introduce you to the world of soft lampshades on the course!


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