‘Putting On The Glitz’ – With Mary Mcintosh


Create a sumpteous leaf/water/bark wall panel with all the bling ready to FME and/or handstitch at home.


Working on a base of black cotton velvet we will build up layers to create a sumptuous panel ready for you to stitch at home. You may use one of my designs for inspiration or adapt the technique to your own preferred shapes or design. You may work in your own choice of colourways. Layer one is using metallic fabric paints including gorgeous Lumiere paints. Layer two is using bonded sheer organzas to add further sheen and filters of colour. Layer three is with transfoils to add a metallic gleam and I will show how to integrate and blend these into your design. The fourth layer is using glitter film for a final ‘pop’ of glitz. The end result will be a panel with depth and complexity ready for you to add stitch. We will discuss various stitch treatments at the end of the day.

Would be suitable for simple quilting, machine embroidery or hand stitching so suitable for all levels of experience.

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10th Nov 2023


Mary provides a pack of materials for £10 on the day.  Range of different colourways available. She brings in the pack:

 12” x 20” black cotton velvet , Fabric paints, Sponge brushes

Bondaweb, Transfoils , Glitter Film

Bonded sheer organzas

Freezer paper

Padded surface

Old irons*

You will need to provide:

Fabric drop cloth (something you can iron on, old towel, sheet or similar)

Masking tape

Baking parchment

An old iron* (if you have one)

Glass or plastic headed pins

Small cutting board and ruler

Craft knife

An apron

Note – no machine needed on the day.

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