‘Rolling Landscapes’ with Libby Smith


A great two days creating your own ‘rolling landscape’ using layers of sheers, silks, muslin and hand stitch with the very talented Libby Smith.


The rolling landscapes we will be working on are a collage of papers and fabrics so it is really down to your preference how much paper and how much fabric you want to use.

For Ideas

Bring photographs or pictures of landscapes or any sketches just to give you some ideas of features, characteristics, marks in a landscape.  Something that will give you a starting point and give you a design source.

Old second-hand books – these can be used for the text or it may be there is a poem that inspires you.


Backing fabric – I use calico – either washed or unwashed – enough for a base to lay fabrics onto.

Other fabrics – I use all sorts of fabric including silk organza – this should be undyed /white/natural.  Silk habotai, calico (different weights), lightweight cottons, sari ribbon, etc.*  Fabrics with frayed, ragged edged.  You don‘t need vast amounts of any one fabric – I will have some for sale on the day but please bring your own where you can.

*Most of my fabrics I dye myself but I also use a limited amount of ready fabrics.

Day 1 – We will be preparing fabrics and papers and start to assemble/collage into a landscape.

Please make sure all your fabrics are washed (please do not use fabric softener) and are natural fabrics (silk, cotton, etc.)

*I will bring dyes and dye paraphernalia – for which there will be a small charge (£5 per person) – but would appreciate it if you could bring gloves, plastic sheet, clingfilm, a bucket or bowl and varying sizes of paint brushes and a mixing palette, an old towel.

We will be using the dyes like water colour (no sloshing around of large containers of dye) with Manutex to give more control over results.

Papers etc.

Papers – papers from magazines, books and other interesting papers that can be scrunched, pleated or printed on.

For printing – bring along any string prints/blocks that you would like to use.

Day 2

We continue to assemble/collage, tack, stitch/embroider and embroider text and look at possible finishes.


Sewing cotton to tack piece together and embroidery threads of varying weight/thicknesses.

Additional information


27th and 28th November 2020



Skill Level

Suitable for those with a keen interest in textile art with an emphasis on handstitch. All very simple stitches.


See in Description.

Plus your lunch!


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