Seagull Watercolour – A Painting Video Tutorial with Denise Schoenberg


Bring the seagull to life with talented Artist / Tutor Denise Schoenberg. With step by step video tutorials learn watercolours at home – in your own time.

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Paint the bright blues in the background with an option of iridescent electric blue. Capture the beady eye, bright beak and the soft underbelly of feathers.
Using a limited palette of colours hues are blended to create soft and hard edges enabling you to learn new fundamental techniques and how to:

  • Create hard and soft edges
  • Paint wet into wet
  • Blend colours and edges
  • Paint moist on dry
  • Paint wet-on-dry
  • Included in the tutorial will be an hour of detailed video instruction, 
  • Photograph and sketch of project
  • Ongoing support with online feedback forum

Learn at your own pace, in your own time, with all the information you need to get you started. A separate lesson is included to specifically practice hard and soft edges before you start the seagull.  Upon booking I will email you a link and you will be given a password for access to the workshop in full for six months.

Additional information

Skill Level:

Suitable for Beginners and Improvers in watercolour

Artist Statement:

I specialise in floral painting and coastal landscapes, often drawing inspiration from the botanic gardens in Cambridge, the Norfolk coast and the Island of Mull. I also love to paint rusty decaying things experimenting with different ways of achieving texture.

During my career as an Architect living and working in the beautiful city of Cambridge I developed my interest in watercolour painting which has become my new career. As a professional artist and teacher I have taught many hundreds of students of all ages in workshops and art classes over the last ten years. I provide comprehensive online watercolour courses for all levels. Watercolour brings joy, light and colour into my life and I want to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for this beautiful medium with others. I love to see the progress of my students as they flourish and enjoy their watercolour painting journey.


Full materials list and what Denise uses is on the tutorial itself but list below:

(It you would like the full version emailed prior to booking email me for the list)

Selection of watercolour paints, specific colours are listed on the full materials list.

A couple of round tipped brushes, size 6 or 8, synthetic or sable.

Masking Fluid, Trace Down Paper and Palette.

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