Sheer seed head panel with Dot Ronaldson – Machine Embroidery

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Dot has come up trumps again with this new workshop inspired by her piece exhibited in RAWEdge’s exhibition at Thaxted .If you interested in transparency in textiles and using the soldering tool to form motifs then this is the workshop for you.


The aim of this workshop is to equip you with all the knowledge and skills you require to create a sheer window panel . The panel is composed of two layers and will be approx 30cms by 60cms. The base layer will be created using horizontal strips of sheer fabric to represent a landscape. The top layer will consist of flower, seed head and foliage images created using free machine embroidery and soldering . Sheer ribbons will be used to complete the panel, allowing the flower and foliage motifs to float in front of the landscape.

Day 1
Selection of and sketching suitable images, considering size and scale
Selection of colour palette and fabrics
Demonstration and practical:
Construction of landscape base panel using flat seams and soldering
Demonstration and practical:
Free machine embroidery and soldering to create 1 to 2 flower/foliage motifs
Day 2
Evaluate progress and plan
Demonstration and practical:
Free machine embroidery and soldering to create 1 to 2 flower/foliage motifs
Demonstration to show soldering motifs onto sheer ribbon
Demonstration to show techniques for hanging solutions

Additional information


3rd and 4th Aug 2021



skill level

Suitable for those that have free machine embroidery experience.


Please bring:

4 X 1 metre of sheer the synthetic fabric ( this should only be about £3.00 per metre) choose 2 possible sky colours eg blue and silver and two possible earthy or more vibrant colours such as green, gold, purple, russets, reds, pinks, orange.

Nb this will give you a lot of colour/ shade possibilities because the background and flower foliage motifs are worked with two layers.

4 X 1 metre sheer ribbon approx 2 cms wide in colour ways to compliment your fabric choice
4 X 1 metre solid colour ribbon as narrow as possible in colour ways to compliment your fabric choice.
A selection of appropriate machine embroidery threads including metallics
Your sewing machine and normal sewing foot and free motion foot
A soldering iron if you have one plus a glass plate and holder.
An embroidery hoop approx 15 to 20 cm diameter.
Little sewing kit, pins, scissors. Fabric and thread cutting.
Dot to provide
A selection of sheer fabric and ribbon to add into the mix
A selection of machine embroidery threads to add into the mix
Acrylic rods to demonstrate hanging solutions

3 reviews for Sheer seed head panel with Dot Ronaldson – Machine Embroidery

  1. 5 out of 5

    Denise Stocker

    I attended this workshop in November 2019 and was absolutely blown away by the project. On Day 1 we learnt how to plan out our background and machine on slippy, sheer fabrics. Then onto free-motion machine embroidery, creating our own flowers and leaves with sheer fabric and rayon threads. Day 2 continued with this and learning the soldering techniques and construction so that we could continue and complete at home. Dot’s Sheer seed head panel workshop will take you beyond the two days with working at home to complete this fabulous project. Thank you Dot and thank you Alex.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Sheila Brighten (verified owner)

    I would like to a big yes I agree to everything Denise wrote.
    Dot is a fantastic and so helpful teacher and Alex is brilliant for arranging this workshop. Roll on more Dot please.!!

  3. 5 out of 5

    lorrainegeorge1 (verified owner)

    I absolutely lo-v-ed this course. Dot is fun and supportive, and happy to encourage your own ideas whilst suggesting loads of her own. I left with a brain buzzing with inspiration and lots of work left to occupy the next rainy day that comes along. Anyone who loves free machine embroidery should not hesitate to enrol on this course. I’d do it again in a heartbeat! Thank you to Dot and Alex too, flitting in and out keeping the caffeine and blood sugar levels topped up.

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