Silver Point Illustration with Artist Helen Mariner



Silverpoint is the ancient and utterly fascinating art of producing beautiful, sensitive drawings in precious metals.

Silver wire is used to draw on specially prepared paper, leaving a fine, subtle line. Artists prize the way the delicate drawing tarnishes to a unique, rich, warm tone which cannot be achieved in any other way. The straight-forward method is suitable for all abilities and many people trying it for the first time find the technique totally absorbing and addictive.

This Renaissance technique of the Old Masters is undergoing an international modern revival and is an excellent exercise for improving and honing drawing skills. Masters of silverpoint include Albrecht Durer, Rembrandt van Rijn, and Leonardo da Vinci.

Animals, birds and pets are excellent subjects so bring along your photographs of choice. Do make sure they are copyright free.  Helen always has plenty of copyright free source material with her in case you are stumped and just want to choose on the day! Students will not be working from templates.

Sketching in silver is suitable for all abilities and all the materials needed to try it will be lent to participants. People who would like their own equipment can buy a kit for £12.00


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Saturday 11th November 2023




£12 if you wish to purchase a kit at the end of the day.

Your Lunch

A drawing board or table easel if you wish but not essential.


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