‘Sit and stitch: quilting and patchwork UFO day’ with Jane Marshall – New * 2022


This one-day session is a great opportunity to tackle one of your quilting or patchwork UFOs (UnFinished Objects) in a relaxed atmosphere with other stitchers, under the guidance of tutor Jane Marshall.


It’s easy to get inspired and start lots of patchwork and quilting projects: but getting them finished is often another matter! Sometimes all we lack is the time, space and/or motivation…

The session doesn’t include any formal teaching, but an experienced patchwork and quilting tutor (Jane Marshall from The Beaded Garden) will be on hand all day to provide practical guidance and support, especially if you’ve got ‘stuck’ and need some help or inspiration.

There is space in the Studio to lay out fairly large quilts on tables for basting. There will also be a ‘design wall’ available if you want to try out different layouts of blocks or other quilt elements.

Suitable for all levels of experience.

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27th January 2022




  • Any work-in-progress project that involves patchwork or quilting – whether it involves hand and/or machine stitching – no matter what stage you’ve reached!
  • The basic sewing equipment you need to progress or finish the project (irons and ironing boards will be available for participants to use)

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