Small Suitcase /Sewing Basket – Nature theme with Anne Kelly, Spaces Available


A Machine and Hand stitch course with Anne Kelly.


In this two-day course with artist, author and tutor Anne Kelly learn how to design a covering for a small cardboard suitcase or sewing basket. You will source a small suitcase or sewing basket to use in the course. It can either be new or second hand. Your design will be a nature theme, featuring an animal or floral design. Using a range of simple and adaptable techniques taken from her books, you will design a pattern unique to your piece. Layers of textile collage and stitching will create your pieces which will then be attached to your chosen item.

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6th and 7th Sept 2023, 8th and 9th Sept 2023




Before you select your materials please choose a theme (animal and or floral) and your colour scheme

Your Lunch

A small card board suitcase (used for stationery or toys), new or second hand OR

A padded sewing basket, new or second hand

Greaseproof paper and pencil for pattern making


Thin wadding or wool blanket, enough to cover your piece

Base layer of calico or patterned fabric for your theme, an old patchwork fragment could work too

Smaller pieces of fabric to decorate your piece

Threads for machine and hand stitching

Sewing machine

Glue stick or bondaweb if preferred

Glue gun and sticks for it


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