Still Life – A Hand stitch Workshop with Emily Jo Gibbs (1)


The first of two hand stitch workshops with Emily Jo Gibbs working on silk organza creating a still life with hand stitch and applique.


Still life, working with silk organza and hand stitch. 

Emily Jo Gibbs is a British Artist who over the last two decades has established an international reputation for her delicate textiles.

Experiment with composition, using over lapping layers of translucent fabrics to build areas of different colours and tones.

Create a collage that is the backdrop for your hand stitching.

Using a variety of media including pencil, and silk paint, see how you can transfer images on to silk organza.

Mark making with hand-stitch, experiment with stitch length and density.

On this course you will make one or two test pieces. If you would like to work your own drawings and/or photographs please bring them along (A5 size).




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15th Sept 2021




Students should bring..


£8 for Emily

A selection of threads (I use cotton or poly cotton ie. Coats or Gutterman but stranded is also ok, or some people like the fine silk threads also ok) needles, pins, fabric scissors and paper scissors, an HB pencil.

An A5 photograph or drawing of your subject + the subject ie. if you have drawn a stick in a jam jar, if possible bring the stick and the jam jar too.

Remember your sewing glasses / magnifier !


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