‘The Odd Owl & Fantastic Fox’ with Nigel Cheney – 1 Space Available


On this two day, intensive workshop participants will be introduced to techniques in fabric collage and detailed ‘Slow Stitch’ of illustrated elements. Emphasis will be placed on colour, composition and using stitch to ‘draw’ in thread.


In this workshop you will produce a unique piece of textile art.

Inspired by the array of examples of different approaches to hand stitch and fabric collage that you will be shown, this workshop will allow you to gain the confidence to assemble your own collage of fabrics and bring them to a cohesive surface through stitch. It will also include the development of charming stitched motifs to apply onto a ground.

Nigel uses a broad palette of textile techniques in his work and assures you that this workshop can be undertaken entirely in machine or hand stitch, or indeed any combination.

Everyone will be able to chose from a selection of original printed fabrics (unique to Alex Waylett workshops) that have been created from Nigel’s hand-drawn illustrations of both owls and foxes. Developing your own individual compositions you will be encouraged to introduce other textile elements that ensure your own unique response to the challenges of this workshop. A  broad selection will be supplied, but this is a chance to integrate your own vintage fragments, scraps from charity shop finds or even your unfinished samples from previous workshops.

Day 1

The techniques shown are inspired by cultural and ethnic textile philosophies, where the life story of the cloth is inextricably linked with its new purpose. Hopefully this workshop will help us all to consider using existing fabrics in our practice as well as our constant love of buying new !

In this session we will assemble an A3 size base of different fabrics. This will focus on composition and balance. We will then explore how stitch (machine or hand) can unite these elements into a successful ground.

Day 2

Using the provided digitally printed hand drawn motifs, we will look at how to bring the prints to life using stitch to accentuate the details and create texture and form. Nigel will show you how to work with simple hand or machine embroidery to bring the motifs to life, before applying to the ground.

You can see more of his work on his social media pages (Instagram and Facebook) by searching for Nigel Cheney, and on his website

Nigel will bring a collection of his own work to inspire you, and even some drawings and prints available to buy.

Additional information


10th and 11th March 2023, 5th and 6th May 2023




Plse bring £10 for Nigel on the first day .Included in the pack of materials are a selection of unique ‘Cheney’ fox and owl prints on cotton, an array of collage fabrics and trims for application as well as various threads to start you off.

What you need to bring: 

Basic sewing kit (pins, needles, scissors)

Sewing machine (if required ) and darning foot.

Embroidery hoop (5 to 7 inch)

your own fabrics/trims and personal choice of threads.


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