Forthcoming 2019 Workshops With Spaces


List includes both workshops planned at Elm Farm Studio and at regular venues elsewhere. Workshops are always being added and workshop numbers change too, so do email me if your interested in a particular one.

Workshop Date Venue Spaces
3D Triptych (me) 23 and 24 May Craft Arena, Barleylands Yes, Contact Venue
Ella’s Feathers 31 May 2
Miniature Rag Books (me) 10th June 1
Pebbles (me) 24 June KIS Quilting, Ipswich Contact Venue
Kaleidoscope Landscapes (Dot) 5 and 6 July 1
Dream Catcher (Vendulka) 8 July 1
Mandala Wall Hanging (Vendulka) 9 July 1
Contemporary Wall Panel (me) 8 and 9 July Braintree Archive Yes, Contact Venue Direct
Corded Bucket Bag with canvas straps (Amanda Walker) 17 July 3
Corded Bag, Bowl and coaster (Amanda Walker) 8th Aug 3
Ella’s Flower Power Illustrations 9th Aug 1
Bags of Class (Amanda Walker) 16 Sept 2
Tweed Mice Book Ends (Victoria Walsh) 11 Oct 1
Silver Clay Jewellery (Julie Convery) 16 Oct 5
Xmas Glass Decs (Fen Miller) 19 Nov 1
Laminated Stitch (Me) 14 Nov 1
Ella’s Hare Illustrations 1 Oct 9