Forthcoming 2020 Workshops With Spaces

List is for all workshops with availability January up to August 2020 at Elm Farm Studio . Workshops are always being added and workshop numbers change too, so do email me if you are interested in a particular one. You can book through the website, once you have located the workshop you are interested in, or you can drop me an email: [email protected]

Hope to see you soon!

Workshop Date Tutor Spaces
Corded Retro Bag 3rd Feb 2020 Amanda Walker 3
Botanical Illustrations 3rd June Ella Johnston 2
Geometric bug illustrations 22nd July Ella Johnston 1
Feather Illustrations AFTERNOON 14th Feb Ella Johnston 8
Flamingo illustrations. AFTERNOON 9th April Ella Johnston 2
Illuminating Letters 6th March Janie Pirie 1
Lace Cut Art Journals 17th March Tracy Scott 1
Patchwork – Beach huts 22 April and 6th May Jane Marshall 2
Ailes de Papiere Hand Stitch 15th June Karen Ives 3
Happy Harbours Mixed media/painting 24th Aug Sarah How 1
Hooked on the Abstract RUGS 6th and 7th July Liz Shackleton 1
Kaleidescope Landscapes 29th and 30th June Dot Ronaldson 6
Experimental Handstitch 16th and 17th Oct Armajeet K Nandhra 2
Waxed Surface Exploration 28th and 29th Aug Armajeet K Nandhra 2