Abstract Landscapes – A mixed media and threadpainting workshop


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A mini course developed in lockdown last year with a number of students – I show you an exciting way to achieve six mini abstract landscapes using inks, Posca, collage and flurescent colouring media before taking your chosen one into stitch.  Compostion and vibrant colour is achieved with lots of threadpainting and added texture with Cable stitch and couching.  The outcome will be a small body of abstract pieces inspired by your own pictures of landscapes brought with you.  These can either be phototographs youve taken – or from magazines.

With thanks to the LTT ladies, Lorraine George, Donna Goymer, Gill Strzelecki, Tracey Nixon and DFS 2020 group for the images used here.

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7th Sept and 14th Dec 2021




Most important thing is to bring your own reference material – ie photos , pics of seascapes or landscapes. Not artists paintings.

Abstract Landscapes  PART ONE – THE PAINTING.


To create six square compositions that look at the abstract and suggest land or seascape. From these we can take further into a stitched piece or pieces.

Your Inspiration landscape/ seascape picture or pictures with a back ground and foreground.

Requirements – A3 or bigger Watercolour paper – can be hot pressed or cold – whatever your preference but needs to be at least 220gsm.

Watercolours or Koh I noor ink

White and /or black acrylic golden high flow or FW ink.  Let me know if you have something similar if you are unsure.  White Posca Pen is fine also.

Large one inch flat brush for watercolour and/ or a mop brush

Smaller brush for detail.

Masking Tape.

Masking Fluid (I use the blue so I can see where Im going!) Go to Jacksons Art for a pot.

Loo Roll or cardboard

Paper Scissors

Ear buds (optional!)

Water colour pencils

Collage paper of your choice.

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