‘Adorning Denim’ – A Hand Stitch and Block Printing Workshop with Melly Made Designs


A block printing and hand stitch workshop with Mel Missin Keating.


Is your denim jacket looking tired, are your denim jeans fading away and does your denim skirt look lifeless? Well, here is the workshop for you. Let’s brighten up your drab denim and adorn it with prints from Indian wooden blocks then hand stitching onto the prints with gorgeous, hand dyed variegated embroidery threads. Alternatively, the denim could be cut up, printed and stitched on and then ‘patchworked’ into a cushion, bag or any other decorative item.

Itinerary for the day:

Block printing onto denim. I have literally 100’s of blocks which I can bring on the day for you to use.

Embroidering the prints with hand embroidery using lots of lovely different stitches and threads from running stitch to bullion knots!



Additional information


14th June 2024




  • Your Lunch
  • Chenille needles size 22/24
  • Embroidery threads stranded and Perle, different thicknesses 5, 8 and 12. Variegated and plain, you can also use metallic threads, but I suggest they are best used for couching down other threads.
  • Small embroidery scissors
  • Block printing ink, dark blue or black (this is best for fabric, I will have some available to use on the day for £1 per person)
  • Indian Print blocks if you have them.
  • Sequins, beads and buttons (optional)
  • Padded mat or towel.
  • Apron /wet wipes

I will have my embroidery threads which I have hand dyed and some Indian blocks that I have designed, available to buy on the day.

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