The Humming Bird Panel – A Machine Embroidery Home Course with Project Box


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Through written and video tutorial I show you my approach in creating a decorative machine applique textile panel using my humming bird designs.   Participants will achieve a beautiful machine embroidered wall panel designed to go in a 10-inch hand embroidery hoop to be mounted on the wall either on wall or within a boxed frame.

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Upon booking this online course I will post out the materials required to make up the Humming Bird Linen Panel with free machine embroidery.  I have recorded five, 5 minute videos that work alongside the written instruction and these can be viewed using the U-tube links that I will email you.

This course when delivered in the studio is a two day course but working at home you can work at your own pace.

In this instance the hoop is purely for decoration as all the embroidery itself is done on machine without the use of a hoop as the fabric used is stable enough. I will send you the linen, paint and fabrics but there are some essentials you will need to have access to and these are listed on the requirements tab.

There are a choice of two backgrounds – the Fuchsia or Blossom, and whilst everyone who books on the project, will be working on the same humming bird template, the course is really about what you will learn on the way. The course covers composition , application of paint and appliqué, free motion stitch techniques and design transfer.  If you wish, you can change up the design , add elements of your own and move around the leaves and branches to make it more unique to you.

The course covers:

Composition with the motifs provided.

Template Design Transfer.

Machine Applique and fabric manipulation to achieve 3D effects.

Decorative stitching with the free motion foot.

Application of paint on linen using White Acrylic/Gesso to provide a base.

If you have chosen the blossom design you can use a  soldering tool to achieve precise flower motifs.  You do not have to use the soldering tool – if you haven’t got one, scissors are sufficient to cut out the flowers.


Supplied in the Project Bo

Hummingbird Template( A. Waylett Designs)

Blossom and Fucshia template. You can choose which details you use to surround the bird.

Heat and Bond

Stitch N Tear

Silver Leatherette for the branches.

Dupion silk for body.

Turquoise sheer for 3-D flowers.

Red silk for Fushias and hummingbird chest.

Metallic green leatherette for hummingbird body.

Two pots of acrylic paint –, sea green metallic and sapphire metallic. you can add to this selection to your taste.

Hand dyed silk velvet in mint ,sea green and blue for the wings/leaves.

15 inch square Greystone Linen for the base fabric.

Your Requirements:

 A 10-inch hoop to display – or a 10-inch circular template to draw around. You will not be using the hoop to stitch.

Machine with Free motion foot and normal presser foot.

Gutterman textile glue  (Amazon)

Small amount of white acrylic or gesso.

Cocktail stick or pin for applying glue.

Very fine brush for painting flowers and wings.

Machine embroidery threads in various blues/greens and other colours of your choice. I have also used a gold/green for highlighting and an off white for some of the background vermicelli.

You will need several bobbins.

80/12 or 90/14 machine needle and Pins

Embroidery scissors.


Hand sewing needle for attaching tail feather and any beading.

Soldering tool and glass mat and machine embroidery hoop (only needed if doing the blossom flowers Design) You can just free hand cut them out with a pair of scissors – just a bit more fiddly!)

Black bead for Hummingbird Eye

Tail Feather  (try Ebay. Amazon)

Note: I have used predominately blues in both designs with the accent of red for his chest but there is no reason why you can’t change up the colours from your own stash if you wish.

Experience Level:

I would say this is for participants with some machine embroidery experience -but contact me if unsure.

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