‘Artful Florals’ – Acrylic Painting with Lucy Perry * New 2025


Painter, printmaker and professional art educator Lucy Perry will immerse you in a world of colour and gestural flourishes as you learn to capture the vibrant essences of floral blooms and communicate their form through bold brushstrokes, gestural drawings and the use of tonal variations.


You will start the day with a range of mixed media exercises designed to help you analyse the floral forms, asses areas of tone and most importantly develop a boldness and freeness in your brushwork. We will discuss colour theory and colour mixing  – you will learn how mix the hues you need and then adapt the shade and tone of your colours to portray three dimensional blooms. You will learn to be both economical and expressive with the brush strokes you use.
As we move through the day you will work towards completing two 30 x 30 paintings, working on them side by side to keep your work fresh and expressive.
You will come away with a pair of vibrant and gestural floral mixed media paintings and a new found confidence in both how you see and how you express floral forms. You will also have new skills you can apply to painting in your own studio or garden and a set of exciting visual stimuli for further mixed media or textile work. 
*More follow-on workshops planned for April and June 2025.
* A full suggested supply list for the materials listed will be emailed upon booking.
Lucy has taught art, photography and textiles in schools, and to adults, since 1995 and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to impart.

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10th April 2025



Students to Bring:

Your Lunch

£15 to cover 2 x (30x30cm) canvas panels OR bring your own.

£3 to cover extra materials to inc mixed media paper.

A small variety of brushes – a large flat, a large round and a small filbert would be fine.

An assortment of acrylic paints – including titanium white, Paynes grey or carbon black and preferably a warm and a cold version of each primary.

A bunch of flowers in a jam jar.

A table easel – only if you have one.

Any drawing media you have that can be used with acrylics: eg. Stabile Woody’s or Caran D’ache Neocolor II or waterbased oil pastels

A spray bottle for water (you can reuse a cleaning spray bottle for this as long as it is completely clean)

For a palette you can bring any plastic plates, plastic veg trays etc, or tetra packs (wash, flatten, cut off both ends then cut down seam to open up and make a flat rectangle). Optional is to bring a large rectangular low sided Tupperware type pot with a lid (I found one years ago for cup cakes which I use) – I can show you how to use it to make a cheap version of a stay-wet palette.

An Apron, heat gun or hairdryer.

Tutor Brings:

Canvases x 2

Mixed media paper, Masking tape, A selection of extra brushes

A selection of extra acrylics, A selection of extra drawing media

Kitchen roll, Parchment paper (for Tupperware palettes)



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