Design For Stitch – A ten day course Group 2 (£200 per 5 Studio Sessions)


This course is great for those with some experience in textiles and free machine embroidery. In order to get the most out of the course there is homework set and time within sessions is devoted to providing individual critique and group discussion.  An emphasis is put on group learning and students will have access to a private facebook page will which provides a communication link and a great way to discuss topics as a team as the weeks go on,  Studio sessions are held on a Monday and the year is split into two terms of five Mondays. Contact me before booking on for more information.


Exactly what it says on the tin – this is a ten day course over a year designed to bridge the gap from initial designs to completed art work.  We will explore the techniques and tools to depict your ideas in textile art. Full, fun and practical workshops, the days run on a Monday and explore a multitude of methods and topics dear to my heart…using inks and sketchbook work as a starting point we take on projects such as painting and stitching into paper, rag books, textural techniques,machine embroidery stitches,  water soluble methods, rust dying and printing. There is homework…and most stitch is done in between studio sessions at home.

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27th January 2020, 24th February 2020, 16th March 2020, 14th April 2020, 27th April 2020



Experience Level

Suitable for those with a keen interest in textile art and who have had some experience of free motion embroidery.


Collect any magazine pics/photos/google images.. of flowers with tall stems, landscapes with rolling hills , trees.  A4 size images are ideal.


At some point you will use all of these products. If you don’t want to buy the jacquard paints straight away I would suggest using some of mine and then deciding what you would prefer to get then.

Basic box needs:

Cheap Watercolour pencils – Whsmith if you have to buy.

Very cheap Wax crayons to inc white.

A3 Pink Pig 150 gsm sketch book (Art Van Go in Knebworthor Tindells in Cambridge/Colchester

Small sketch book – any shape for your sample work to be stapled –could be black pages if youd prefer. Paper just needs to be stiff enough to take a bit of gluing.

A couple of thin and thicker black pens for outlining

Koh I noor Ink palette from me at £5.50. 

Gold wax by Pebeo (look at mine on first day if unsure)

White Gesso – get the cheapest you can find.

Variety of Flat paint brushes – about an inch and half inch across


Low tack masking tape.

Jacquard Lumiere starter pack of textile paints (Art Van Go or franklins)

Jaquard Dye na flo starter pack or 2 of your preferred colours (Art Van Go or Franklins)

HB pencil


Brusho if you have some but don’t go and buy especially.

A heat gun

A margaret Beale soldering tool…use mine to begin with and then buy.


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