Embroidered Treasure Boxes with Suzette Smart 2024


Create a beautifully stitched treasure box with free motion embroidery & hand stitch to keep all your favourite things safe like those fabric scraps & keep sakes you can’t bare to throw away.


In this workshop you will use fabric collage and free machine stitching to create a beautiful and detailed lid for your treasure box. Suzette will share her ideas on how to create bunches of daisies and other flowers with fabric and stitch and there is room for a small bird if you would like too. Continue on to the base of your box with more collage and stitching. When your piece of work is finished, it will be folded and tucked and will need just a couple of stitches to keep it in place.
The addition of a bee, a ladybird might be the finishing stitches but then there is always room for a stitched message and a french knot or two. There will be plenty of treasure boxes for inspiration.

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19th and 20th Nov 2024




Your Lunch
£6 for materials & box template payable on the day.
Sewing machine with feed dogs down and freehand / darning foot
Lightweight fabric in a neutral colour. Allow for 2 x 33cm square
Lightweight fabrics, lace for collage
Garden flower Inspiration
Ruler & friction pen
Any other bits you might wish to include


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