‘Fluttering Butterflies’ – Acrylic Painting with Imogen Skelley *2025



Come and spend the day painting beautiful butterflies nestled in among some gorgeous flowers and leaves. Pick your palette – bright and breezy, delicate and relaxing, it’s up to you – and use colour and pattern to fill your canvas with patterns using a number of exciting techniques.

We will use brushes for drawing, glazing, adding texture and detailing. You will be helped to bring elements of your painting to the foreground, and to suggest that other parts are in the background. 

Tips and suggestions will be discussed to help add contrast and detail to great effect, and you will end the day with a beautiful painting to hang on your wall. This is a butterfly which will not fly away!

For people who are new to painting, or who need help to know where to start, there will be a couple of useful templates to use, simply as a first point of reference. Once you’re on the way, the patterns will flow from the end of your brush – there will be plenty of demonstrations during the day to help bring your painting to its conclusion.

For those who have experience with acrylic paints on canvas, it will be fun to develop your practice as you learn more about how paint can be used, and you will be encouraged to work into your painting until it is positively glowing … when it comes to details, more is more!

The day will end with a look at all the paintings which have been produced – it’s amazing how people interpret the same subject matter in so many different ways and to see everyone’s finished piece is always a thrill.

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30th April 2025



Requirements :

Your Lunch

 An assortment of paintbrushes of your choice – including a small-ish one for details.

A 20cm square canvas.

A selection of acrylic paints – any colours that you feel happy with (you are welcome to try some of mine if you see a colour that you would like to try)

A hairdryer or heat gun (although again, you are welcome to use mine) to speed up the drying process between layers

An apron – acrylic paints don’t wash out of clothes.


Tutor Brings:

I will provide:

Tin foil for palettes (it works well!)

Masking tape

Kitchen roll


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